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(Signed) Why Didn't Stalin Murder All The Jews By Alexander Rashin ~ Paperback

(Signed) Why Didn't Stalin Murder All The Jews By Alexander Rashin ~ Paperback

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ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 0914481797
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-0914481799

It is probably a most comprehensive analysis of all the information, theories and rumors pertaining to Stalin’s last campaign which could have led to the annihilation of the Soviet Jewry. The campaign came to a screeching halt with Stalins mysterious collapse into a coma on March 1, 1953. The account is compact, easily readable and offers the first rational explanation of the events.

The book starts with the author and his terminally ill wife, a Jewish activist, unexpectedly stumbling upon the fact that Stalin collapsed exactly on the Jewish festival of Purim. They also find that according to an 800 year old rabbinical tradition, such an event should be retold and commemorated every year. They wrote a short story in 1996, a megillah, which was since used in Purim celebration in over 100 synagogues, and is reproduced in the book. This imparts on the event a religious meaning.

However, it compelled the author, a scientist, to look also for rational or other human motives behind the infamous campaign. This led through hundreds of books, newspaper articles, memories and rumors. Which of them could be trusted? It soon became apparent that most ‘revelations’ about the campaign were orchestrated by KGB and should be handled with care.

Therefore, the author turned to the search for patterns in the events of the 1920s-1970s and in the characters, indicative of what might have happened and what various actors in the drama were capable of. He also uses an analogy between the reconstruction of what happened from bits and pieces of information and a reconstruction of a true image of an object from a set of noisy or distorted photographs taken from different directions.
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